Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group

I am pleased to provide you with this year’s annual report. The Journal of Neurosurgery Publishing Group (JNSPG) published 53 issues this year (36 print and 12 electronic; four video supplements; and one print supplement).

In calendar 2018, we received 5,867 submissions for all four journals and the video supplements. I would like to recognize the outstanding co-Chairs who have performed so effectively during this past year: Drs. Greg Zipfel, Ted Schwartz and Aaron Dumont for Journal of Neurosurgery; Drs. Mark Bilsky, Joseph Cheng and James Harrop for Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine; Drs. Shenandoah Robinson and Abhaya Kulkarni for Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics.

Dr. William Couldwell continues his excellent work with Neurosurgical Focus / Video Supplements with the able assistance of Associate Editors, Drs. Aaron Cohen-Gadol and Jason Sheehan. His summary of Focus and Video are included in this report.

Some of the highlights from this past year are given below:

  1. AANS President Dr. Shelley Timmons and AANS Executive Director Kathleen Craig visited the office.
  2. An upgraded website was launch.
  3. Editor’s Choice articles were featured on the AANS website.
  4. Celebrating 75th anniversary of JNS included invited topical review articles solicited from experts in specialized areas, published each month throughout the year. We designed a special logo with each color representing one of the journals. Special historical memorabilia was on display at the AANS Resource Center, in the JNSPG exhibit area, and there were special giveaways for visitors.
  5. Steady improvement was seen in our Impact Factors and citation Findices.
  6. Focus Video spun off into its own independent journal: Neurosurgical Focus: Video, with the launch issue in July 2019.
  7. The Global Surgery special issue was published in Focus and a compilation of articles in JNS.
  8. The JNS new strategic plan for 2018-2023 was completed: “Impactful Publishing: Growing Our Legacy.”
  9. We became the leader in social media postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I visit the editorial office in Charlottesville every quarter, typically for two full days, working directly with staff, discussing new initiatives and ways to improve efficiencies. The months I am not on site, I schedule video conferences with the staff. This has proven to be a very effective method to keep engaged with the editorial staff, and it has been an effective way of communicating.

It is truly my privilege and honor to serve as your Editor-in-Chief.