Executive Director’s Message

The space where the AANS interacts with you, our stakeholders, broadens every year. Perhaps, in the past year, you interacted with the association face-to-face at one of our live courses or by attending the AANS Annual Scientific Meeting. Maybe you participated in an e-learning experience, liked a post on social media or watched a neurosurgical video for either historic or leading-edge content. Wherever and whenever the conversation turns to neurosurgery, the AANS is there.

Because this association represents one of the most innovative and creative surgical specialties, the AANS works diligently to stay innovational as the association works with and for its members.

For example, in this past year the AANS has updated, simplified and accelerated the submission of CME. The AANS has added hours upon hours of e-learning content, much of which will deliver CME and all of which delivers a quality learning experience. The AANS Neurosurgeon moved from a quarterly release of content to semi-monthly and the Journal of Neurosurgery’s expanded offering, Neurosurgical Focus: Video, delivers essential content in a format often preferred by younger members.

In FY18, the AANS drafted a strategic plan and, this past year, organized board and committee structures to better align with the organization’s goals.

The Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation (NREF) and NeuroPoint Alliance (NPA) are vital to achieving those strategic goals. The NREF is the leading foundation supporting basic science as well as translational and clinical outcomes research. Its programs support the careers of promising young investigators, facilitate Section efforts for awards and fellowships and helps fund studies that identify links between best practices and improved outcomes in patient care. The NPA is dedicated to improving the quality, safety, and effectiveness of neurosurgical care through its registry and outcome science initiatives. This annual report highlights the achievements each of these organizations have made to advance patient care. Each of these organizations are initiating their strategic planning efforts in FY20 to evolve business plans and further support these goals.

As always, I would like to thank our physician leaders and the Executive Office professional staff for sharing their talents and expertise with the association and its membership. I would also like to thank our donors and corporate partners for their support of our mission.

We look forward to another year serving AANS members and moving the AANS mission forward for the betterment of the specialty and its patients.

Kathleen T. Craig
Executive Director